If you enjoy stand-up comedy, you’ll love this event. Join us for an evening of laughs, deceit, and tomfoolery at the thirteenth annual “Utah’s Biggest Liar” (tall tale contest). Some of Utah’s best storytellers will compete to entertain you with the most outrageous whopper. Through smooth-talking and yarn-weaving, you may not notice until you’re clutching your side that what began as believable has grown into the absurd and impossible.

Utah's Biggest Liar 2023

At the Angelus Theatre
Mon, April 3, 2023

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Bulldozer Boy

April 25 - 27

Starring the Great Hall Youth Theatre

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Great Hall Youth Theatre

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Aimee Aslop
Andrew Holmes
Bradley Mackay
Charles Coltrain
Elsie Thomas
Matthew Delafuente
Melva Gifford
Nate Worlton
William Boardman


Stephen Gashler
  • Curt Gordon
  • Teresa Gashler
  • Great Hall Theatrical Experiences
  • The Angelus Theatre
  • April Johnson
  • Timpanogos Storytelling Institute


Aimee Aslop
"Grandma's Hairpin"
I love to tell stories around a campfire. Sitting under the stars changes legend into memory. Everyone has a tale to tell when we're all outside.
Andrew Holmes
"Hog Wild"
Hailing from a long line of lawyers and politicians, Andrew could sell hyperbole to Donald Trump. He also happens to be born on April 1st (not foolin’), so telling astronomical fibs is his astrological right. As a finance professor, Andrew has instructed generations of BYU students in the fine art of using mathematics and hot air to sidestep the truth. When he’s not teaching, he’s catching fish thiiiiiiis big in the Florida keys.
Bradley Mackay
"The Custom of the People"
Bradley's been a storyteller for several years, and a liar for even longer. Keep an ear out for 'Immersive - A Storytelling Podcast' later this year.
Charles Coltrain
"Vacation at the speed of Light"
Born Virginia and raised in Salt Lake City, Charles is a child of the south and a son of the west. For years he enthralled his daughter with stories. Then In 2017 he attended the Timpanogos Story Telling Festival for the first time and I knew that he wanted to be a storyteller. He's since performed at many festivals.
Elsie Thomas
"What happens under the table stays under the table"
Elsie loves telling stories. She placed 3rd in the Biggest Liar Competition at Orem Library and got to tell at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.
Matthew Delafuente
"The 4 Cats and the Mirror"
Matthew DelaFuente is excited to be returning for his second competition with Utah's biggest Liar. He is an Award-Winning storyteller, actor, and playwright. You can find more of his stories and work on YouTube and TikTok, or follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
Melva Gifford
"Taking Out the Trash"
Melva has performed on the PBS radio program, Story Mine, Story Crossroads, Weber State storytelling festival, She likes doing comedy when opportunity permits.
Nate Worlton
"The Cheese Vandal"
Nate has been acting for almost 10 years. Currently, he is working with Headphone Theater as the male lead in the upcoming production, The Moon Witch
William Boardman
"In the Garden"
From his training in Radio Broadcasting to auctioneering to storytelling to public speaking, William Boardman has been in front of an audience in one arena or another for over 25 years.