Set just before the Great Depression, Edward, a daydreaming businessman, puts his career on the line to pursue his passion of music, but going against the grain brings on the resistance of his fiancée, his family, and the corporate world. Why won’t society just let him be a bum? Come for a good laugh and unforgettable music in this high-energy comedy featuring singing, dancing bums and jazzy hits such as “Half-Eaten Burger”, “The Corporate Gods”, and “Boring, Serious Businessman”.

Bums Jr! 2023 at the Angelus

At the Angelus Theatre
March 8 - 10, 2023

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Utah's Biggest Liar 2023

Mon, April 3, 2023

Come enjoy the comedy or compete to win!

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Edward Pibbles
Nathan Taylor
Rhubarbara Thwackum
Aspen Gashler
Alec Darling
Filthy Fran
Maren Coombs
Jackson Palmer
Mrs. Engerman
Madeleine Dusbabek
Ella Vaughan
Ariah Gashler
Mubble / Judge Dredd
Andrew Dusbabek
Pansy Pibbles / Secretary
Ava Frey
Dirk Pibbles
Percival Gashler
Officer Margarate / Secretary
Lucy Palmer


Produers, Writers, Composers, Directors
Stephen and Teresa Gashler
Chris Valenzuela
Backstage Manager
Ruthie Higley
Theater Owner / Front of House
Curt Gordon