Gerd and the Goose Girl

"Gerd and the Goose Girl" is an all-new musical inspired by the Brothers Grimm and Norse mythology about faith, courage, and love, written and composed by Louise Stapley Johnson, orchestrated by award-winning composer, Stephen Gashler. A fresh take on a timeless classic, the story follows Portuguese Princess Clemencia, granddaughter of earth goddess Gerd and sky god Freyr. In order to save Portugal, Clemencia must forsake her comfortable palace life and unite herself with a German prince.

The plot thickens when Clemencia's unfaithful servant, Desideria, poses as the Portugese princess, fooling the German king, and Clemencia, mistaken for a servant, is forced to work as a lowly goose girl. But the German price, smitten by Clemencia, sees through the Desideria's plot. Together, the new lovers, with some magical help from Clemencia's godly grandparents must work together to expose the false princess and save their kingdoms.

"Gerd and the Goose", a Broadway-bound love story is filled with thrilling music, clever dialog, and powerful moments. It premieres at the Angelus Theatre in Spanish Fork on July 8th and plays through July 13th, recommended for all ages.

Type of Show Musical
Genre Comedy / Fantasy
Length ≈ 1.5 hours
Rating PG (appropriate for children)

Angelus Theatre (165 N Main, Spanish Fork)