When Gideon Greenwich accidentally discovers that his fellow students are being controlled by evil beings posing as teachers, he realizes someone must take a stand. But challenging the the god of sports, the goddess of fashion, and the god of so-called music unleashes otherworldly resistance, bringing chaos to Eastward High. Cliques are transcended, and jocks become nerds as the very fabric of reality unravels.

Adapted from the highly-rated Young Adult novel and set in the 1980s, this thought-provoking and wildly fun musical comedy, with songs in the style of Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Blondie, The Bangles, Dead or Alive, Simple Minds, Berlin, Rick Springfield, and more, questions what it means to be cool.

Gideon Vs. the Gods of Cool 2023

At the Angelus Theatre
June 12 - 24

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The Lady of Sherwood 2023

July 17 - 29

The celebrated must-see, back for its 2nd year!

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