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Best Production
A Krampus Karol
Angelus Awards
Best Production
A Krampus Karol
Angelus Awards
Best Music
A Krampus Karol
Angelus Awards
1st Place
National Storytelling Slam
Stephen Gashler (Playwright)
1st Place
Timpanogos Hauntings Contest
Stephen Gashler (Playwright)
1st Place
Utah's Biggest Liar
Stephen Gashler (Playwright)
5 × Winner
Audience Choice Award
Stephen Gashler (Playwright)
Hinckley Mayhew Award
Teresa Gashler (Playwright)
2 × Winner
Best of Festival
"Codgers in the Night"
Best Screenplay
UVSC Film Festival
"A Man And His Bed"

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  • 6 new full-legnth musicals
  • 2 full-length plays (modern adaptations of classics)
  • 10+ new one act and short plays
  • All future titles to be added to the library over your 5 year license

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    • Rock Opera
      Valhalla | A Viking Rock Opera undefined

      A rocking celebration of Vikings, knights, and Norse Mythology, packed with adventure, wonder, and unforgettable music.

    • Musical
      Take My Death Away | A Halloween Musical undefined

      Great Hall's best-selling show, a magical romantic comedy filled with suspense and hauntingly beautiful melodies.

    • Musical
      A Krampus Karol undefined

      Winner of Best Music and Best Production, this wacky Christmas comedy, in the style of Tim Burton, brings justice to naughty children.

    • Rock Opera
      Gideon Vs. the Gods of Cool undefined

      STRANGER THINGS meets HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL in this hilarious musical comedy set in the 1980s about transcending cliques.

    • Musical
      The Lady of Sherwood undefined

      The Robin Hood family saga continues in this fun-loving romantic comedy filled with adventure and enchanting music.

    • Musical
      Bums Jr! undefined

      This jazzy musical comedy is an inspiration for anyone who would rather be pursuing a dream than sitting at a desk.

    • Full-length Play
      Right Ho Jeeves Jr. undefined

      P. G. Wodehouse's classic comedic novel is adapted to the stage in the story of ridiculous characters and one clever butler.

    • One Act Play
      Codgers in the Night undefined

      To the amazement of his fellow inmates, Deloy, a cooky, old man, tries to escape from his rest home.

    • One Act Play
      Becoming Mr. Darcy undefined

      “Why can't every guy be like Mr. Darcy?” A one act comedy for Jane Austen fans.

    • One Act Play
      The Trials of Thor undefined

      In this retelling of a classic myth, the mighty Thor and Loki meet their matches in the enchanted land of giants.

    • One Act Play
      Smackula undefined

      A terrifying change is transforming teenage girls. Vampirism? Hormones? You decide.

    • One Act Play
      Bulldozer Boy undefined

      Twenty years after the fact, an elementary school boy attempts to make good on his threat to bulldoze a girl's house down.

    • One Act Play
      A Man And His Bed undefined

      In this absurd comedy, a restless man keeps rolling off his bed. Unfortunately, glueing himself to it only makes things worse.

    • One Act Play
      Inner Battle undefined

      A schoolboy struggles to make peace with the monsters in the inner recesses of his mind.

    • Full-length Play
      The Imaginary Invalid undefined

      A modern adaptation of the French comedy. A hypochondriac wants his daughter to marry a doctor so he can save on medical bills.

    • One Act
      Immortal Shadows undefined

      A team of ghost hunters explore an abandoned hosptial, where they discover a dark secret.

    • Short Play
      Trapped in Wonderland undefined

      Inspired by Lewis Carroll's classic story, Alice desperately tries to escape from the crazy personalities of Wonderland.

    • Short Play
      Literally undefined

      A short comedy for 2 actors poking fun at every day language sins

    + All future titles added to the library over your 5 year license!

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      About the Creators

      Award-winning playwrights and composers Stephen and Teresa Gashler are the founders of the Great Hall Theatrical Library, the Great Hall Youth Theatre, and the Great Hall Arts Festival. Together they've put on over 40 productions. They've been featured on KUTV, BYU Radio, Serve Daily, Meridian Magazine, Utah Valley Magazine, Voyage Utah Magazine, My Community Magazine, and at festivals and events throughout the country. Their YouTube channel has had over 16 million views.

      Known for their world-class music, fantastic storytelling, uplifiting messages, and a unique blend of drama and comedy, their works have been delighting audiences for over 20 years. Stephen's plays have been produced throughout the United States, and he's taken home many awards, including first place at the National Storytelling Network slam. Among Teresa's distinctions are the Vera Hinckley Mayhew award for playwriting and "Best Actress" from the 2022 Angelus Awards.

      The Gashler team is excited to work with you to help bring your productions to life. Have questions or feedback? Need help making something work? They'll be happy to make recommendations or provide solutions to help make your productions successful.

      136 Customer Reviews

      • I loved the songs [in Valhalla].
        Vanessa A.
      • The lights! The action! The characters [in Valhalla] were just likable. The live guitar music was amazing. My whole family enjoyed the adventure.
        Lisa P.
      • The songs [in Valhalla] haven’t left my head since!
        Sher V.
      • The music [in Valhalla] was awesome!
        Robin H.
      • I was hoping for a good time, I got a rocking’ blast! [Valhalla] was interesting, and the music was on point. I’ve already referred several friends.
        Aaron Ferguson
      • I really enjoyed this clever, delightful "Valhalla" Viking Rock Opera!!! The story and music ... are GREAT!!! The Vikings playing the electric guitars are AWESOME!!!
        Diane Adams
      • The music [in Valhalla] is awesome every year (my third year attending, my first year bringing my three daughters)!
        R. Peterson
      • We loved the whole show [of Valhalla]. We really enjoyed ... how engaging [the show is] with the audience. A great time.
        Kyna S.
      • [Valhalla] was lively and fun.
      • This was my third time seeing [Valhalla] and it just keeps getting better and better. My son was bouncing to the music. I loved the live music and the lights. It made me feel like I was at a concert. I also loved the emotions from the characters. They were so intense. I love the story. There is nothing that made it drag. The Thor song with the lighting was really cool!
        Cynthia C.
      • My friends and I go to Valhalla every year (this was my 3rd year, their 4th). This year's production was the best one yet. The music is delightfully fun (the album lives in my car's stereo).
        John M.
      • The whole performance [of Valhalla] was so good that I went three times. The first time was to show support to my friend ... but the other two because it was that good. The Music was amazing, especially "We Are the Slain" and the last song before the encore. I loved how there was comedy mixed in with the fighting and singing. Fantastic performance I say.
        Michael P. Shanklin
      • I have been to Valhalla every year since the beginning. I love the different musical styles that make Valhalla special. Well done!
        Alicia Leitch
      • I freaking loved everything about [Valhalla]!!! Sven and Mary absolutely killed it! I wish the music was on Spotify, because I would listen to it all the freaking time!!! The shredding was so great, and Mary’s voice was literally like listening to an angel. The setting was great, the idea was great ... freaking genius. You were all breathtaking!!!!
        Eric Davis
      • I loved everything [in Valhalla]!
        Annelise W
      • [Valhalla is] truly an outstanding show. The live instruments were marvelous and the energy of the music was totally unique! ... Each scene was so well balanced between comedy and tragedy that I left the show feeling like I'd taken a good journey myself. Everyone I saw in the audience looked to be having a great time. It was clear that so much love and care was put into the show.
        Nate Worlton
      • The music [in Valhalla] was awesome! We also loved the the whole rock opera atmosphere.
        Alise N.
      • [Valhalla has] an engaging story ... with some great music. A fun night for the family!
      • I loved the original music [in Valhalla] and that it was kid friendly. Perfect amount of action and humor.
        Keira W.
      • Loved the music [in Valhalla], the religious struggle, the Norse reconnecting with what drives them.
        William Boardman
      • I enjoyed the energy of [Valhalla]. The writing was enjoyable. There aren't as many stories using Norse mythology so it was fun to explore that with the characters. The music was catchy and the acting was fun!
        Elizabeth Adams
      • The ... instruments [in Valhalla were] AWESOME. Lots of energy and polish!
        P. Jones
      • I loved the lively, entertaining music [in Valhalla]. I appreciate humor that is written in to contrast many serious moments. Great sword battles! I will be back every year.
        April D. J.
      • [Valhalla] had some rocking music!
        Amanda Featherstone
      • I love [Valhalla]! A friend brought me on a Monday and I knew my husband had to see it, so we came back for the closing night. When I saw the YouTube video of the performance, I showed to to my kids, and we’ve now watched it half a dozen times, and have been listening to the soundtrack pretty much nonstop. I loved the characters and the music, and hope to be able to bring my kids to the show someday.
        Maerhwyn A
      • I loved [Valhalla] in 2019 and had a such a great time that when I saw the second production in 2021 I was amazed that it could get better. There were so many memorable pieces, the acting and singing were transforming ... The ending felt so ethereal, kind, and uplifting, which is amazing considering the initial promise of “blood and gore” from either Thor or Odin at the beginning of the show. Haha! Beautiful work. I was hard-pressed to take every detailed moment in.
        Rose L.
      • My wife and I quite enjoyed [Valhalla]. The music was awesome and the instrumentation very catchy and consistent; we didn’t feel like any track got left in the dust, though we did have a couple favorites. The story was impressive and also something we didn’t anticipate to love as much as we did. I told my wife I’m definitely going to try out for this show at some point.
        Michael L.
      • [Valhalla has] great music and an interesting story.
        Steven M.
      • [Valhalla] was really well done, and my sons (ages 26, 23, and 21) loved it.
        Theresa A.
      • [Valhalla] was a good honest fun show and I loved it.
        Ashi N.
      • [Valhalla] was a lot of fun. I liked the audience participation aspect (cheering, etc) and the music was excellent! The story was original and engaging.
        Kathleen A.
      • [Valhalla was] all around fun.
        Louise J.
      • I love EVERYTHING [in Valhalla]! The music is great and the story is fantastic! I love singing along and watching the fight scenes!
        Brooklyn B.
      • I loved all of [Valhalla].
        Corral C.
      • The story line [of Valhalla was] entertaining and enjoyable as told through fresh and original music and lyrics. The onstage action was lively and engaging.
        Becky Welch
      • [Valhalla has] great music and story!! Such a fun experience!!!
        R. C. Peterson
      • The songs [in Valhalla] were great and the play was fun and humorous.
        Marie H.
      • [Valhalla] has great music, is kid-friendly, a fun original show.
        Michelle A.
      • Loved ... the high energy performance [of Valhalla]. It was so fun that the audience was clapping and stomping and cheering. It was well put together.
        Corinne B.
      • I love how the audience interacts [in Valhalla].
        Natalie weight
      • The creativity in the story [of Valhalla] was amazing!
        Jarrod Coffman
      • [Valhalla] has a lot to offer ... top notch.
        Joshua Yuen
      • [Valhalla] was such a fun show. I really enjoyed the music.
        Myra K.
      • [Valhalla] is just so much fun, every time. The music is fantastic (it's the only CD I own, and it lives in my car player), and I love the energy of the cast.
        Katy M.
      • [I loved] the uniqueness ... and the humanizing feel of [Valhalla].
        Faith Whiting
      • The plot [of Valhalla] was very fresh ... and the songs were all original!
        Céline Taylor
      • I loved the music and the story [of Take My Death Away].
        Hayley M.
      • I loved Take My Death Away! The songs, the humor and the sets were perfect!
        Vanessa Cardona
      • [Take My Death Away has] fun characters, especially the moaner.
        Melva Gifford
      • [Take My Death Away] was very enjoyable.
        Jereme P.
      • I love the story and the music [of Take My Death Away] so much.
        Kirsten F.
      • The originality of the storyline [of Take My Death Away is] intriguing and refreshing. I love the music!!!!
        Rachael Gibson
      • The songs [in Take My Death Away] were absolutely fantastic! A perfect show for the Halloween season, there were so many twists and turns in the plot, as well as many lovable characters. This show pulls all of my favorite things about Halloween, and puts it on the stage.
        Katie B.
      • [Take My Death Away] was quite fun!
        Kristian P.
      • This was my first experience [attending Take My Death Away], and I loved it.
        Maria Poveda
      • [Take My Death Awa had] amazing sound and choreography.
        Larry LaBrie
      • [Take My Death Away] was just a joy to watch. I couldn't help but smile.
        Madi Hansen
      • I enjoyed every minute of [Take My Death Away]
        Kathy Fausett
      • The villain was the best [in Take My Death Away]
        Elizabeth Green
      • [Take My Death Away] was AMAZING! The actors were hilarious ... and the production far surpassed expectations. I enjoyed every bit of it! I would recommend this show to anyone. Great for families, or a date night. Not too scary, but still perfect for a Halloween activity. It had just the right amount of emotional scenes and comedy for relief.
        Julie S.
      • My favorite parts [of Take My Death Away] were the comedic segments.
        Debbie West
      • This was my second year seeing [Take My Death Away]! I love the story line, I absolutely loved the ghosts, and how it was also a comedy, then just a love story. Amazing. I can’t wait to see it next year!
        Emma H.
      • [Take My Death Away has a] fun story!
      • [Take My Death Away] was very light hearted and a great musical for the spooky season.
        Josh Udy
      • [Take My Death Away] absolutely drew you into the story.
        Bailey S.
      • I really enjoyed Take My Death Away. I have to admit that musicals aren't typically my favorite type of theater, but this was one of those productions that worked in that the musical numbers really enhanced the storyline. It was very well balanced, engaging, and really fun to watch, especially with a cast that was clearly having a lot of fun.
        Brittney M.
      • [Take My Death Away was a] very well put together production. The story was truly funny and thrilling. A true delight.
        Andi Tripp
      • [Take My Death Away is] a really good show for working on a low budget. Super entertaining!
        Charles Strange
      • [Take My Death Away] was very entertaining, and I would very much see it again.
        Autumn Kline
      • Cute story ... very entertaining!
        Janell Patton Becker
      • Just watched [Take My Death Away]. Absolutely fantastic! Definitely a new Halloween tradition.
        Rachel Mattinson Shakespeare
      • [Take My Death Away is a] fantastic show! ... I was transfixed the entire time!
        Bailey Sorensen
      • [Take My Death Away] was so well done and so much fun to see. We loved the energy! We will be back!
        Otp Park
      • The story [of A Krampus Karol] was fun
        Alexa Quigley
      • I loved the music [in A Krampus Karol]
        Steve Whitehead
      • The comedic timing in [A Krampus Karol] was so delightful. Lots of funny beats. The Santa exit music was incredibly funny. I think I ugly laughed every time it played. ... Loved it
        Jenna R.
      • I loved the the mixture of suspense, comedy, and drama in [A Krampus Karol]. The music was great, and the whole thing was fun and very well done.
        Tina Y.
      • [A Krampus Karol] was a funny show with good songs.
      • A Krampus Karol? Yes, absolutely!
      • [A Krampus Karol has] such great music! Fun humor - and loved the sing along at the end!
        Amanda H.
      • [A Krampus Karol] was absolutely and incredibly amazing!
        Katie B.
      • [A Krampus Karol] was phenomenal! The cast were incredible, and the entire show was hilarious and fun.
        Kristen S.
      • I love going to unique plays ... Krampus was fun and funny for any age.
        Valerie Mendoza
      • The characters [of A Krampus Karol] were very distinct from each other. The music was fun and varied.
        Jade Higley
      • A Krampus Karol is one of the most fun, funky, original plays I’ve attended.
        Melanie H.
      • I cannot wait to see [A Krampus Karol] again. Truly one of my favorites
        Joshua Borrego
      • 5/5! I saw [A Krampus Karol] on 12-14 and loved it, very funny and upbeat. I’d recommend it.
        Cameron Morgan
      • I was pleasantly surprised and humored with the satire [in A Krampus Karol] that flipped the vilification of the old, German, legend of Krampus. Comedy cures! Moreover, the singing, dancing, dialogue, and acting were top notch! Two thumbs way up.
        Curt Gordon
      • [A Krampus Karol] was better than I expected. This show is a lot of fun. The songs are entertaining. It is my favorite Great Hall production yet.
        Chantel G
      • [A Krampus Karol is] such a different and fun way to celebrate Christmas and learn about Krampus without it being too scary for the kids.
        Lisa King
      • [A Krampus Karol is a] fun, hilarious show.
        Garr Van Orden
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was fun with a great energy about it! ... There were some fun plot twists and surprises that made the show even more enjoyable. It was great family entertainment!
        Pauleen Orme
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool is] such a fun production! 10/10!
        Laurel Hammond
      • I really liked the creativity [in Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] and the overall production - it was a lot of fun! ... The show as a whole felt cohesive.
        Jeannine J.
      • The 80s feel [of Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was my favorite aspect.
        Kalynne A.
      • I never knew what was gonna happen [in Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool], really kept me on my toes!
        Nani K.
      • I loved the music [in Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool]
        Sarah A.
      • The music and talent [in Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was incredible.
        Ashley Flowers
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was really put together nicely.
        Leslie A.
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was so good. It was awesome ... such an amazing experience.
        Casey A.
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was so fun! I feel like it really captures the high school experience. The music is catchy and well written! I would recommend this show to anyone I know!
        Jaycie S.
      • I liked the music [in Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool]. It was a really fun play
        Ruth H.
      • I've never seen a show like [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] before! The storyline was super unique and it was fun to see the characters change and grow and also overcome! 10/10 ... That was awesome!
        Jules J.
      • I thought the audience interaction [of Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was really cool. Also it had a good underlying message.
      • I’ve been to quite a few plays and I’ve seen a number of movies. I can often pick the plot before it comes, but I was kept on my toes for [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool]. The twists in plot and the uniqueness of the story were refreshing.
        Jeremy F.
      • The music [of Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was catchy.
        Jade Higley
      • I loved the originality [of Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool].
        Kate Christensen
      • The music [of Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was quite excellent.
        James A.
      • Every song [in Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] is a bop, I love it. The story is delightful and farcical and every turn is shocking and hilarious. The homecoming dance is my absolute favorite scene.
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was nothing I was expecting, it was absolutely amazing!
        Chet D.
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was different and fun.
        Sheri C.
      • I loved the acting and the characters in [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool]! Especially Sportacus. He was awesome!
        Calvin Pratt
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] Kept me on my toes.
        Amanda F.
      • The final boss [in Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was great.
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] had fun music and a cute story.
        Melissa A.
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was fun!
        Tracey U.
      • It was fun and entertaining to watch [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool]. We had a really great time.
        Ryan R.
      • The music in [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was so so good, and everyone's performances were top notch. ... There were some moments that were hilarious.
        Jenna R.
      • It was fun being with my daughter [at Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] and seeing her enjoy the play
        Rhonda A.
      • I loved the 80’s music [in Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool]! Loved the retro feel.
        Lisa King
      • The music [in Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was fun. I am a child of the 1980s, and I loved how the songs were inspired by popular 80s songs. It was an energetic and fun show.
        Maren M.
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool was ] such a unique and fun show. ... Found the unique songs happily stuck in my head for days after.
        Carsen R.
      • The elements of the story [in Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] end up beautifully woven together into an ingenious tapestry of thought, wit, and humor that will leave a lasting impression along with a fresh outlook on life.
        B Randall McNair
      • Stephen Gashler has an incredible imagination and an extremely fun way of telling stories. Not only does he tell a great story, he absolutely loves doing it. Creative, fun, subversive … if you’ve ever been to high school, or lived those teenage years yourself … you’re going to love [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool]
        William McAllister
      • [In Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool], Gashler perfectly captures the complex clique culture of Junior High in this delightful satire … a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, but, in the end, leaves [you] with something to think about
        Donna L
      • I loved it! … [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was such an original story but was very familiar in how Gideon feels alone, has difficulty finding his place and discovers some of the pitfalls of popularity. I was highly entertained and felt like I was learning important lessons about life all at once!
        Amazon Reviewer
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] has a great … original premise. It really hits on the magic and awkwardness of high school, cliques, and relationships. I would’ve wanted to be friends with Gideon and his posse. Really fun!
        Margot H
      • [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool is] new and fun. I think my teen and preteen boys would have fun with this. I know I did
        Samuel R. Gibson
      • [The Lady of Sherwood was] lots of fun as always. The Gashler Team are wonderfully talented on stage as well as behind the scenes.
        Kevin S. Cottrell
      • Absolutely loved [The Lady of Sherwood]! Loved the story, Stephen Gashler is an amazing playwright/composer! Everyone had beautiful voices, the songs were beautiful. ... Will recommend to everyone I know!
        Kim Meyer
      • It’s nice to have ... something entirely different.
        Michelle A.
      • We loved [Bums!] and enjoyed experiencing [it at the] theater. The passion and dedication of the actors was so evident! The main character, Edward, was phenomenal. We loved it all.
        Alan and Denise
      • [Bums!] was amazing! The songs were awesome! Loved every second!
        Kim Meyer
      • I was pleasantly surprised by how funny this musical farce ([Bums!]) was. I’d go again for another good hard belly laugh. I was looking for a fun in-theater experience, this fit the bill.
        Ann How
      • [Bums!] was such a fun show to see, and a great way to forget about your worries and just let loose. I think this show has a bright future. It’s a great show, and I loved seeing it.
        Emily Porcelli
      • [Bums! was an] absolutely amazing performance! I’d highly recommend this for anybody who’s looking for a fun and relaxing evening!
        Joshua A.