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Filmmaker | Composer | Writer | Producer | Director

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Orchestrations by Stephen Gashler, Melodies by Stephen Gashler and Louise Stapley Johnson.

Best Composer
Angelus Awards
Best Production
A Krampus Karol
Angelus Awards
Best Production
A Krampus Karol
Angelus Awards

As Featured In:


  • Gerd and the Goose Girl
    2023: Gerd and the Goose Girl
  • Valhalla 2023 Live at the Angelus
    2023: Valhalla 2023 Live at the Angelus
    (composer, orchestrator)
  • Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool
    2022: Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool
    (composer, orchestrator)
  • A Krampus Karol
    2021: A Krampus Karol
    (composer, orchestrator)
  • The Lady of Sherwood (co-composer, orchestrator)
    2021: The Lady of Sherwood (co-composer, orchestrator)
    (co-composer, orchestrator)
  • Valhalla | A Viking Rock Opera
    2017: Valhalla | A Viking Rock Opera
    (composer, orchestrator)
  • Take My Death Away | A Halloween Musical
    2016: Take My Death Away | A Halloween Musical
    (composer, orchestrator)
  • Bums! the Musical
    2015: Bums! the Musical
    (composer, orchestrator)
  • 2010: The Bent Sword
    (composer, orchestrator)

47 Customer Reviews

  • Stephen is a very talented composer, pushing both narrative and character forward in effortlessly engaging sound. Because of his skill, I knew he would excel at orchestrating my original compositions for my musical "Gerd and the Goose Girl." Collaborating with him was a breeze.The final product is thrilling, theatrical, and epic in scope, exactly what I was going for in my Norse mythology- fairy tale - historical blend. I would definitely work with him again, both as an actor and composer.
    Louise Johnson
  • The live guitar music was amazing. My whole family enjoyed the adventure.
    Lisa P.
  • The songs haven’t left my head since!
    Sher V.
  • The music was awesome!
    Robin H.
  • The music was on point. I’ve already referred several friends.
    Aaron Ferguson
  • The story and music ... are GREAT!!! The Vikings playing the electric guitars are AWESOME!!!
    Diane Adams
  • The music is awesome every year!
    R. Peterson
  • Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool had fun music and a cute story.
    Melissa A.
  • The music was quite excellent.
    James A.
  • The music was catchy.
    Jade Higley
  • The music is catchy and well written!
    Jaycie S.
  • I liked the music.
    Ruth H.
  • I loved the music.
    Sarah A.
  • The music and talent was incredible.
    Ashley Flowers
  • The music was fun and varied.
    Jade Higley
  • A Krampus Karol has such great music! Fun humor
    Amanda H.
  • I loved the music.
    Steve Whitehead
  • The music was great.
    Tina Y.
  • I love the story and the music of Take My Death Away so much.
    Kirsten F.
  • I love the music!!!!
    Rachael Gibson
  • I loved the music and the story [of Take My Death Away].
    Hayley M.
  • [Valhalla] was such a fun show. I really enjoyed the music.
    Myra K.
  • [Valhalla is] truly an outstanding show. The live instruments were marvelous and the energy of the music was totally unique!
    Nate Worlton
  • The music [in Valhalla] was awesome
    Alise N.
  • [Valhalla has] some great music.
  • I loved the original music [in Valhalla].
    Keira W.
  • Loved the music [in Valhalla].
    William Boardman
  • The music was awesome and the instrumentation very catchy and consistent; we didn’t feel like any track got left in the dust, though we did have a couple favorites.
    Michael L.
  • I loved the lively, entertaining music.
    April D. J.
  • [Valhalla] had some rocking music!
    Amanda Featherstone
  • [Valhalla has] great music and an interesting story.
    Steven M.
  • [Valhalla] is just so much fun, every time. The music is fantastic (it's the only CD I own, and it lives in my car player).
    Katy M.
  • [Valhalla] has great music.
    Michelle A.
  • The story line [of Valhalla was] entertaining and enjoyable as told through fresh and original music and lyrics.
    Becky Welch
  • [Valhalla has] great music and story!! Such a fun experience!!!
    R. C. Peterson
  • I love EVERYTHING [in Valhalla]! The music is great and the story is fantastic! I love singing along
    Brooklyn B.
  • [Valhalla] just keeps getting better and better. I loved the live music. The Thor song was really cool!
    Cynthia C.
  • My friends and I go to Valhalla every year (this was my 3rd year, their 4th). The music is delightfully fun (the album lives in my car's stereo).
    John M.
  • The whole performance [of Valhalla] was so good that I went three times. The Music was amazing, especially "We Are the Slain" and the last song before the encore.
    Michael P. Shanklin
  • I have been to Valhalla every year since the beginning. I love the different musical styles that make Valhalla special. Well done!
    Alicia Leitch
  • I freaking loved everything about [Valhalla]!!! I wish the music was on Spotify, because I would listen to it all the freaking time!!! The shredding was so great, and Mary’s voice was literally like listening to an angel.
    Eric Davis
  • I loved the 80’s music [in Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool]! Loved the retro feel.
    Lisa King
  • The music [in Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was fun. I am a child of the 1980s, and I loved how the songs were inspired by popular 80s songs.
    Maren M.
  • The music in [Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool] was so so good.
    Jenna R.
  • The Gashler Team are wonderfully talented.
    Kevin S. Cottrell
  • Absolutely loved [The Lady of Sherwood]! Loved the story, Stephen Gashler is an amazing playwright/composer! Everyone had beautiful voices, the songs were beautiful. ... Will recommend to everyone I know!
    Kim Meyer
  • Stephen Gashler has an incredible imagination and an extremely fun way of telling stories.
    William McAllister