Celebrate the triumphant return of “Valhalla”

At the 5-Year anniversary spectacle, bigger and better than ever before! May 6 - 18, 2024, Angelus Theatre, Spanish Fork

Valhalla 2024

Audience choice winner of "Best Production", "Best Music", "Best Writing", and more, the celebrated "Valhalla | A Viking Rock Opera" is back for its fifth year at the Angelus Theatre in Spanish Fork, bigger and better than ever before. Tickets may sell out, so reserve yours today.

This musical celebration of Vikings, knights, and Norse mythology promises an epic experience for the whole family. Join Thor, Odin, the Valkyries, a live band, and a talented cast for a journey through ancient Britain, the high seas, and the magical realm of the gods, a story packed with adventure, wonder, and unforgettable music. Suitable for general audiences.

"Valhalla" follows the story of Sven, the newest Viking of a Norwegian clan. Seven years after his father left on a Voyage to settle a new land, Sven, under the leadership of his jarl (chief), Magnus, enters the exotic world of Britain with its strange Christian religion. But when the Vikings’ raiding expedition goes wrong, Sven finds himself alone and out of his element. Desperate to find his way back to Norway, he makes a hostage of a young nun named Mary, who helps him steal a ship and undertake a reckless voyage.

Together, Sven and Mary must overcome their differences as they sail beyond the limits of their worlds, confronting powerful storms, cruel villains, voices from beyond, and crises of faith. Their quest for hope and truth takes them beyond the limits of imagination and into the magical realm of the gods. The only question is what is real.

Type of Show Rock Opera (an entirely sung play)
Genre Fantasy / Historical Fiction
Length ≈ 1.5 hours
Rating PG (appropriate for most children - some mild violence and scary moments)

Angelus Theatre (165 N Main, Spanish Fork)


May 6 - 18, 2024

Time 7:30 PM